"300" King Leonidas Greek Helmet By Nauticalmart

Product Description
To ensure that the Ð300Ó King Leonidas Helmet brought Frank Millers vision to life, developers consulted him during its creation while also using source material. The outcome is a fantastic piece, worthy of a place on display in any collection. Crafted from only the finest authentic materials, it has been made from steel and then plated in antiqued brass. The extended side pieces protect the cheeks while a nose guard is also present. Of course, the focal point is the stunning black crest made from genuine horse hair. This helmet is easy-to-wear as the inside has been fully adorned in leather and given an adjustable liner. It truly is a helmet, worthy to grace the head of the historical King Leonidas. The force of soldiers and animals that was assembled was so massive that they caused the earth to shake when they marched. Led by Xerxes, this army headed to devour Greece, and to his surprise, his path was blocked by a mere 300 brave soldiers. Not even enough men to be considered an army, but as Xerxes discovered, these were no ordinary men; they were Spartans!